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Stress and suffering are not daily necessities. The constant chatter of the mind can take us away from our true essence, to simply be . Heightened stress and emotions shouldn't & doesn't have to be your only way of existence. If you've not found a western method to remedy your 'dis-ease', then Holistic therapies could be your answer, to 'bring you back to yourself'. An Holistic approach incorporates you as a whole and this healing combination of art & science addresses the mind, body and spirit, to promote optimal, overall health and wellbeing.

Be free, Be you.

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'The power of the crystalline sound will blow you away into somewhere truly magical... it cannot be explained it must be experienced'

Holly is a dedicated practitioner of CrystalTone Sound Healing Bowls with a professional background in singing. She combines these blissful tones and vocals to take you on a nourishing sound journey. Remember absolutely everything is vibration! If you are feeling any 'dis-ease' allow these sounds to shift, break and move stagnant energy from the body and subtle bodies clearing the path for any discomfort. You will feel the creation of harmony in every cell of your being and the properties of these powerful instruments can guide our bodies to heal themselves. A 20 minute session is known to be the equivalent of a 4 hour sleep, with regards to the T-cells the body produces in the altered brainwave states. Holly also infuses her sessions with the subtle and divine Reiki energies, after studying in Hawaii with a renowned light-worker, which she feels helps amplify the overall experience of all her sessions. 

Yoga stirs the Soul, allowing you to show up and meet yourself fully on the mat.'

Holly gained her Yoga teacher training certificate in Goa, India delving into the depth of Indian culture and learning various styles of Yoga. Primarily her training focused on the 'Yang' side of life with Ashtanga, Mandala & Vinyasa flow, but her passion for Yin is ever present. Holly has further qualifications in Yin, Pre & post natal, & mama & baby yoga. She also trained a further 60 hours in anatomy to help support every individual on their yoga journey. She offers inclusive modifications so that her classes are suitable to all. Holly strongly believes 'yoga is not about attainment but a life journey of self discovery', something she embraces fully & hopes her supported and nourishing guidance provides insight for too.

'Breath is the Voice of the Soul' 

Breathwork is a force to be reckoned with. After a profound opening and releasing experience of her own, Holly knew that this practice, more than anything, needs to be shared with as much of the world as possible. Apart from the benefits of strengthening your immune system and respiratory system the breath holds the key to SO MUCH more. The transformational properties of guided breathwork shakes and stirs all that needs to be integrated within you, for you to live in a more present, peaceful and grounded 'now'. Taking you on an inner journey of reflection and growth this practise is known to help anyone who is open to the experience. Holly completed over 800 hours with 'Alchemy of Breath’ to become a Breathwork Practitioner and is extremely grateful for the tools acquired to hold space for others to go deeply on their own inner journey after meeting the depths of herself and others in the process. Breath truly is the bridge between Body, Mind and Soul. She loves holding space for her clients, empowering them to discover the gentle power of the healing arts with grace & surrender.

She is also an Assistant Trainer at Alchemy of Breath too.

As a well rounded Holistic Practitioner, Holly enjoys providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to guide people on their own journey for wherever it is within themselves that they are willing to explore. 

Please see below for upcoming events or contact details for any further enquires  

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Upcoming Events

  • Time is TBD
    Calm - Yoga, Pilates & Mindfulness Studi, The Well House (Rear of, 146 High St, Burton upon Trent, Burton-on-Trent DE14 1JE, UK
    Coming together with Calm Studios, Burton-on-Trent, to bring a special offering combining two very powerful healing practises, conscious connected breathing & the magic of Crystal-Tones sound healing bowls. ✨Limited Tickets NOT TO BE MISSED ✨
  • Time is TBD
    Calm - Yoga, Pilates & Mindfulness Studi, 1 Castleward Court, Derby DE1 2JY, UK
    Coming together with Calm Studios, Derby, to bring a special offering combining two very powerful healing practises, conscious connected breathing & the magic of Crystal-Tones sound healing bowls. ✨Limited Tickets NOT TO BE MISSED ✨
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My first breathwork session with Holly was an experience I will never forget! it was empowering, relaxing and positive. Holly's infectious personality & calming aura made me feel safe and completely open to the experience. I can't wait for my next online session.


Just wanted to tell you how much I love, love, LOVED the sound meditation with the Holly's on Monday eve. Totally sent me into a mellow dream world and made all kinds of colours and clear thoughts came from nowhere at all!.. I was sluggish yesterday and I think it was my brain in recovery. ... would love to join you in person after the dust has settled. Thank you for creating a really magical experience.


'Holly is an incredibly empathic, kind and joyful person. Her breath work she did with me has had a deep and positive impact. I could not recommend her enough'


'Our 1 to 1 breath session earlier this year found me at just the right time. I was apprehensive about how effective or powerful it would be, taking place online rather than in person, but I was very gladly surprised. Holly is so open, warm, kind and a very comforting presence. I am so grateful for our workshop and would recommend her in a heartbeat to anybody who is interested in the practice!'


'Really enjoyed that session and felt as though my eyes were flicking when I could see the blue ball of light. Such an amazing feeling. There was a song you played near the end and I instantly started crying.

Thanks again for the sessions'


This is so amazing. I took much away from that breath session, thank you, it was incredibly powerful. I know so many guys like me, who will benefit from these sessions, I have to share'


Holly that breath session was seriously life changing, so amazing. I did a 3 day silent meditation retreat with Michael Beckwith and that was incredible but the breath session was 10 x times better. Literally so good!


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“Wholeness is the delicate balance of 'our light' and of 'our shadow',
and their loving integration is the pathway back to you.
Be you"

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Are you looking for a more holistic approach to your health or simply want to feel restored and rebalanced?

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PLEASE NOTE: Sound Soul Breath By Holly is not a medical practice and facilitators are not medically trained.  If you suffer from any serious condition you should check with your medical practitioner prior to practising with us. Whether Sound Healing or Breathwork.

The breath style we use is not advised for conditions such as Bipolar, Schizophrenia, acute heart conditions, epilepsy or delicate pregnancy. Likewise, if you are on any medications you are advised to seek medical counsel prior to joining us. 

 If you do have any of the above conditions, please let us know. There are other breath patterns that may be more suitable for you, and you are always welcome. 

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