Rough Auralite 23

Rough Auralite 23

Auralite can contain as many as 23 different minerals, it is usually called 'Auralite 23' for this reason. Commonly known for its healing energy and properties. 

There have been several tests on the crystal, and scientists claim that it is one of the oldest crystal gemstones on the earth, estimated to be over 1.5 billion years old, with up to 23 different mineral earth elements. 

Size: Each piece is roughly between 1-2". 

Note: Because this is a natural product, each piece will vary in size and colour. The pictures display an example of the type of variation you may receive.

Country of Origin: Our Auralite comes from Thunder Bay in the Boreal Forest area of Canada. This is known to be one of the only verified sources of Auralite.

Extra Information: This is treated at the source in a type of mild acid to prevent the Auralite from crumbling. Due to the large amount of different minerals associated with it, this is to protect the crystal.